Lazy: Apparently Inherited, Not a Habit, Is it True?

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Lazy is human nature. Laziness can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, or at any time you move.

Research recently revealed that laziness is not only influenced by habit, but also because of heredity.

To test this, the researchers used several mice. The rats were placed in the cage wheel to be able to run in it. During the 6 days researchers noted how much time is spent on running the rat.

A total of 26 rats ran most often paired with each other in order to breed. Meanwhile, 26 other mice were rarely ran also paired with each other with the same purpose.

The result, the offspring of mice that have the possibility of more active love to run as much as 10 times compared to the offspring of mice that rarely ran.

A researcher from University College Missouri said, "we found small differences in body composition and level of mitochondria in muscle cells of rats. We also found no genetic differences between two different groups of mice, ".

If the study proved to be relevant to the human condition, then these findings may help identify the cause of someone being lazy in his life.
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